Thank you for your interest in being added to our website! Here is what you need to know before submitting your information.

To be added to this website, you must:

* be 18 years of age or older.

* have a professional website with photos and information about your services.

* pay a yearly fee. YOUR FIRST YEAR IS FREE. After the free trial, you will be automatically billed through our paypal subscription service. We only accept paypal at this time.

The options are:
$10 a year for a basic listing with no placement preference.
$35 a year first 3 spots (Currently full, do not chose this option)
$25 a year spots 4-6 (Currently full, do not chose this option)
$15 a year spots 7-9 (Currently full, do not chose this option)

What you get:

* your picture and information added to our site.

* unlimited updating of your photo & information.

* listed on our facebook page:

* your events posted to our facebook followers


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